Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

The Turkey Vultures is a ugly and vile bird.    The large black bird sticks its long naked neck into the decaying carcasses of dead animals, tearing off hunks of rotting meat with its sharp beak.  It  poops on itself and its family members to keep cool in the summer heat.  It sometimes can look like a giant vampire when it perches in a tree limb.

Turkey VultureTurkey Vultures live with their extended family.   They roost together and scavenge in small groups looking for carrion.

Turkey Vultures

They soar the skies in small groups in all types of weather, making  jerky circles high overhead with their wings held angled to the ground in a slight V shape.  They have black and white feathers on their lower wings and rock gently from side to side as they glide on the thermal winds.


Turkey Vultures have a very keen sense of smell, they can discover a rotting carcass from miles away.    They have large nostrils so open that you can look through one side and see through the other when their heads are facing sideways.